The Magic of Maths Show

Magic Message Ltd.

The original and best Magic Maths show from a former teacher and professional magician. This show is full of humour, positive psychology, doscovery and above all some fantastic maths! It covers number, shape, pattern, money, fractions, tables, and more, all delivered with an underlying message of how mathematics is something amazing to be puzzled over and enjoyed.

There are different shows for KS1, Y3/4 and Y5/6 to ensure that everyone experiences the show that is right for them. Also available on the day is a book full of magical maths tricks that children can learn to perform for themselves.

Expected outcomes

Children will learn to see maths as something to be enjoyed rather than something to be feared.

They will learn that the spotting of patterns to predict and generalise is at the heart of mathematical learning.

Teachers will be inspired to develop and build on the ideas shown.

To book this activity, please contact:
Andrew Jeffrey

61 Westfield Avenue North
BN2 8HS Brighton

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This is a brilliant show. The kids were captivated and so was I!! Having seen the show 2 years running I can also report it was different each time. Bonus as a teacher!

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