I'm an Engineer, Get me out of here!

Mangorolla CIC

I’m an Engineer, Get me out of here! is a free, online event where school students get to meet and interact with real engineers. 

Students login during a 2 week period to ASK the engineers anything they like. Students challenge the engineers over a fast-paced online live CHAT during a lesson. 

The event is a competition between engineers and the students are the judges; students VOTE for their favourite engineer to win the event.

All resources and support are provided for teachers to facilitate this event. It's student-led nature makes it appropriate for students of all abilities from Year 5-13.

Expected outcomes


  • develop confidence in their ability to talk about STEM topics as they ask questions
  • learn about engineering from engineers' answers
  • become aware of a range of engineering careers & may discover future career options
  • have improved attitudes towards STEM subjects
  • learn about engineers’ interests, likes and dislikes, and find areas in common
  • understand individual engineers’ motivations and achievements
  • develop in SMSC
To book this activity, please contact:
Michaela Butler
01225 326892

Mangorolla CIC
7-9 North Parade Buildings
BA1 1NS Bath Somerset

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