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i2E - Introduction to Engineering is a collection of workshops designed to stimulate the interest of young people in STEM subjects by delivering an activity set in an enjoyable and real context.

Workshops are delivered as classroom based or collapsed-curriculum events.  Sessions can range from 1 hour to a term.

Each activity is designed to give pupils an experience in the application of STEM subjects and activities involve using literacy and numeracy skills.

Workshops include:

First LEGOLeague

The First Lego League is a global science and technology competition for teams of students, to encourage an interest in real world issues and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.  The students work together as a team and explore a given scientific topic and plan, program and test an autonomous robot to solve several missions.

Big Bang Near Me

These are events which pupils can attend to enter their projects into the National Science and Engineering Competition.  They may also be selected to attend the Big Bang National Finals!

Energy Quest

These one-day workshops consist of activities for the students to learn about energy and investigate the advantages and disadvantages of using non-renewable, renewable and sustainable methods to generate energy.  This is a hands-on workshop for up to 60 pupils per session.

Control IT

This is a coding/ICT workshop where students will be given an introduction in programming using the Crumble microcontroller and Scratch.  The emphasis is on debugging and making the hardware respond as required.

Wind Turbine Challenge

The wind turbine challenge involves students designing the blades of a wind turbine and assembling the components to demonstrate how energy is transferred.  This activity can be used to develop further scientific investigations or design and technology projects.

Maths i2E

Students are set a number of mathematical challenges based on planning a small housing estate.  This project builds on prior knowledge of Pythagoras theorem, converting units, scale and calculating density and volume.


EESW offers STEM days in association with local companies and Universities to allow students to experience STEM subjects in a new environment.  We are also able to visit your school and provide a day of activities.

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Engineering Education Scheme Wales
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