GCSE Making maths memorable student workshop

T and T Education Limited

Our ‘Making Maths Memorable’ sessions are engaging, interactive and kinaesthetic yet focus on areas that students struggle with at GCSE. Sessions target the most common areas of weakness that students face but are also tailored for specific groups. They can be full or half day sessions and have the theme of problem solving running throughout. All sessions are delivered by Greg Thomas and Paul Treversh - two experienced and motivational teachers with a proven track record of supporting students to achieve to their maximum potential.

We recommend a maximum of 20 students per session as this helps to ensure a focus on individual needs can be met.

We suggest colleagues observe and support throughout – we always leave copies of resources for colleagues to use in school. Not only do our sessions support students with individual areas of weakness, they are a real CPD opportunity for colleagues.

Expected outcomes

Students will have increased skill and knowledge, in particular at tackling areas of common misconception.

Students develop problem solving skills to make them more proficient at tackling new style GCSE assessments

Colleagues get to observe delivery of topics where pupils often have misconceptions and see strategies for helping individuals to overcome them. All colleagues receive resources to adapt and use with their own classes.

To book this activity, please contact:
Paul Treversh
0844 414 5491 / 0800 612 4381

T and T Education Limited
B77 5LJ
United Kingdom

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