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The Eden Project is an educational charity. Its aim is to connect us with each other and the living world, exploring how we can work towards a better future. Our programme for schools takes this mission as our inspiration to create and deliver programmes, projects and opportunities that support young people’s learning and development, and support you to teach the curriculum so that it’s engaging and enjoyable for all. We work with over 50,000 schools children per year ranging from EYFS to 18 years of age. 

Our fantastic array of on-site workshops bring the curriculum to life, inspiring and engaging your pupils with the natural world, sustainability and STEM.  Some of these workshops are highlighted below:


The Rainbow Route - An exciting and colourful journey into the world of plants. This Early Years workshop introduces young people to plants, pollination and the colours of the rainbow.



Building in Brazil - This workshop takes pupils into the heart of our Biome to get the inspiration to build a rainforest shelter, and encourages them to explore the differences between Brazil and their own home.


Ready Steady Sow - Investigate seeds from around the world; where they come from and how they grow, plant your own seed and take it home. Little green fingers love getting their hands dirty in this fun workshop.


Green Machines - Take an exciting journey through the world of plants, unlocking the secrets of what makes our green friends thrive and survive.



Darwin’s Doodles – Your pupils join Charles Darwin on his voyage to South America, learning about the theory of evolution.


Puzzling Plants - This uses some of Eden’s more unusual rainforest plants to inspire pupils about the wonders of the plant world, and reviews the fundamentals of plant biology. 


Rainforest Rangers - This workshop invites students to learn what it takes to survive in the Amazon Rainforest.  


Finding Fibonacci - Explore and discover the mathematical patterns hidden in nature.


Canopy Club – The Rainforest Canopy is the most biodiverse place on the planet – full of extraordinary plants and animals. This workshop challenges your pupils to work as a team, using their scientific skills to investigate the rainforest’s secrets.


Packaging Patrol - What can nature teach us about waste and recycling? This workshop challenges your class to complete Eden's waste challenge and join the Packaging Patrol.


Rainforest Uncovered – Your year 5 and 6 pupils to go on an expedition, make contact with a hidden rainforest tribe and unlock the secrets to their survival. http://www.edenproject.com/learn/schools/workshops-at-eden/rainforest-uncovered

KS3 and KS4

Photosynthesis – Life Support - How many plants do you need to keep you alive? Students apply their knowledge of photosynthesis and respiration in order to problem solve and advise a stranded astronaut over 50 million kilometres away. The clock is ticking... http://www.edenproject.com/learn/schools/workshops-at-eden/school-workshop-photosynthesis-life-support

Going to Extremes – Students identify and explain plant adaptations suitable for life in the rainforest and use ideas about evolution to explain the occurrence of these adaptations. 


Biodiversity, Bees and Me - Explore the importance of biodiversity and the role of seed banks and pollinators in maintaining food security as well as discussing what we can do to help.


Climate Challenge - This workshop, which focuses on geography, citizenship, science and sustainable development, looks at the impact of climate change and explores some of the reasons for it, as well as realistic solutions.


How Abund-ant? - Students investigate the complex rainforest ecosystem in our Biome, and even undertaking their own rainforest research to contribute to a live dataset used by Eden’s Science Team. http://www.edenproject.com/learn/schools/workshops-at-eden/school-workshop-how-abund-ant-rainforest-research-project


Biodiversity Under Threat - Conserving biodiversity and fully functioning ecosystems is key to the survival of all species. So, what does biodiversity actually do for us? Why and where is it being lost? And what can be done to halt the decline?


Rainforest Ecology and Adaptation – Explore the ecology of the rainforest, the challenges to life there and how plants have evolved adaptations to thrive.


Please remember - STEM workshops represents just one of the ways that we work with schools. As an educational charity, we have all sorts of things for schools – including  teacher training, free resources, outreach and residential visits. Visit our web pages to find of more.



Expected outcomes

The outcomes for each workshop are specific to that particular workshop. Please look on our website, select the workshop of interest and then read on to find the curriculum links and learning outcomes as well as a summary of the session.


However, all of our STEM workshops aim to:

  • Promote a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world.
  • Increase pupils enjoyment and engangement with STEM subjects.
  • Show students how STEM can develop solutions to real world challenges and in doing so encourage pupils to consider STEM career pathways.





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The STEM Directory is provided as a service to support you in finding enrichment opportunities. The activities are offered by external providers and are not endorsed by STEM Learning. We are not responsible for their content or delivery.


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