Dinosaur Detectives - Dinosaur Trackway Mystery

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Become a dinosaur detective in this fun and interactive session that introduces the concept of working scientifically.  Learn what fossils can tell us about life in the past and explore a strange and mysterious set of fossilised tracks that lead you on a journey of discovery all about evolution.  Can you become a dinosaur detective and solve the mystery?

The Workshop Covers

  • Fossil handling and exploration
  • Learning about palaeontology and the sort of work undertaken by palaeontologists
  • An introduction to evolution and how organisms change over time
  • What fossils can tell us about prehistoric life
  • Interpreting information and gathering evidence from fossils
  • Exploring a set of Early Jurassic fossilised footprints (working scientifically)
Expected outcomes

The workshop is designed to reinforce learning associated with KS2 elements of the science curriculum with a focus on evolution, inheritance, climate change, adaptation and extinction.  This is an active session that involves extensive participation, collaborative learning and reinforces key learning concepts.  The workshop reinforces the concept of scientific working, exploring evidence and interpreting information to formulate theories.  Students and teachers benefit from the chance to meet and engage with professionals from a scientific background.

To book this activity, please contact:
Mike Walley
01606 841068

1 Goodwood Rise
CW10 9FJ Middlewich Cheshire

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