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Whole-school celebrations of Science can be challenging if different year groups are all exploring different areas of the curriculum - which is where our Big Science  Days  can help! We’ll start the day with a whole-school assembly exploring the wonder, importance and relevance of science - then deliver workshops for each year group, using drama techniques to crystallise Five Key Facts related to their area of scientific investigation. And as each workshop can accommodate up to 60 children, a Big Science Day can cater for up to 420 pupils!

Alternatively, if you have a whole-school, thematic approach, you can select a Big Science Day from Amazing Animals (and Hair-Raising Humans!), Looking at Light and Eclectic Electricity – just ask for more details!

"The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their workshops. Feedback from staff was very positive and they all commented on how engaging and inclusive Chris was. He was energetic and kept children on task all day and his knowledge and expertise was noticeable and this was mentioned to me by almost all members of staff. The pupils had a great day and it was a fantastic way to end science week." Claremont Fan Court Preparatory School

Find out more about Big Science Days here! 

Big Science Days are delivered by As Creatives - one of the UK's leading providers of creative learning to schools. You can find out more about our comprehensive range of school workshops by visiting our website 


To book this activity, please contact:
Jo Stokes
0151 708 8886

As Creatives, Studio B, Baltic Creative Campus, 49
L1 0AH Liverpool Merseyside

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