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EYFS Hands-On Workshops

Architecture Workshops, have been running hands-on cross-curricular workshops, in schools for all Key stages and Abilities since 1996. Our workshops experiences are some of the best your pupils are ever likely to be involved in and something that will stay with them throughout their educational life.

Our STEM workshops challenge, enthrall and educate in equal measure, because all we use are dowel and rubber bands to build many varied and wonderous building models, structures and sculptures, which make learning fun and the complex simple. Utilising teamwork and resilience pupils build their self esteem, as the structure grows. The one thing that we are guilty of is failing to mention enough, when publicising our work, the amount of self esteem children get, through their achievements in the workshops.

Designed to stimulate imaginations and excite children and teachers alike, the workshop focus is on simple ideas to great effect. Using numbers, counting, shapes and space pupil’s work together to build simple modular forms. The ideas found in this workshop are developed throughout our repertoire of workshops, from KS 1 & 2 right through to our workshops for KS 3, 4 & 5.




Expected outcomes

Our EYFS workshop, My First Structure, is designed to stimulate young minds to the possibilities of working collaboratively to achieve awesome results. This is followed with our range of KS1 workshops, which builds on the skills learned in previous workshops. The workshops use teamwork, gross and fine motor skills as well as heaps of Maths and Engineering, promoting Higher Order Thinking, and Growth Mindset.

Developing their Fine Motor Skills, pupils work in pairs to build large scale Triangle Based Pyramids that are put together to make larger pyramids, so demonstrating the the use of modular form. Throughout the workshop, pupils identify 2d and 3d shapes, count and interact with the spaces they are creating, thus developing their Gross Motor Skills.

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Martin Jennings
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PO Box 217
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