Dr Sarah Bearchell

A day of hands-on rocket workshops which can be adapted for the whole school, including SEN schools. Everyone can launch their own rocket!

Pupils will build and test a stomp rocket then modify it to optimise it's flight. They learn about the effects of some forces (especially drag and gravity!) first-hand. We'll explore ways to create a fair test, work scientifically and think about why some rockets flew further than others.

We can usually fit 4 sessions into a day, working with a single class at a time. Can be run as an inter-class challenge with a celebration assembly end of the day.



Expected outcomes

An understanding of thrust, lift, friction, drag and gravity as forces acting upon our rockets.

Working scientifically to improve our rockets and think how to create a fair test for the class competition.

Increased confidence in communicating science.

To book this activity, please contact:
Sarah Bearchell

Dr Sarah Bearchell
OX44 9AG
United Kingdom

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