STEM Clubs

STEM Clubs are a powerful and highly enjoyable way to engage students with STEM subjects. They can be fun and fulfilling for students and club leaders and have positive impacts for the school or college.

Involvement in a STEM Club can provide students with an opportunity to gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills and increase confidence in the STEM subjects, engaging them with further study of STEM subjects and the opportunity to discover STEM-related careers.

Through our STEM Ambassadors and our work with schools, colleges and others, we are able to offer ideas, resources, activities, guidance and support, as well as places to look for potential funding when setting up a STEM Club or building up an existing club.

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    If you are thinking about starting a STEM Club for the first time, then have a look at our step by step guide and videos for support on running your own STEM Club.

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    Browse through a range of materials to support you in delivering exciting and inspiring activities, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Get inspired

Inspiring the next generation with STEM Clubs

What inspires you?

Science teacher and STEAM club leader from Ashcroft Technology Academy, Farah Khan, recently wrote a really interesting article for our secondary & FE magazine about 'recognition and support'. Check it out - 

Inspiring the next generation with STEM Clubs



From aspiration to inspiration: our STEM Club journey

We'd love to share your STEM Club stories and hear how they've changed lives. 

Julie Brooks from Horbury Academy shares "Our STEM Club is the most regulary attended club in school - our members are loyal and enthusiastic students."

"My STEM journey started four and a half...


From aspiration to inspiration: our STEM Club journey

When a parent tells you they chose your school because of the STEM Club it makes all that hard work worthwhile! Our STEM journey started four and a half years ago. I got to school one morning and was asked if I could accompany a trip at short notice. They were going to a STEM fair – I had no idea that it was about to change my life! It was snowing...