ENTHUSE Partnerships for businesses and supporters

Across the UK there is an underlying need to improve the quality of teaching in STEM subjects across all phases of education. Working with charities, business and education, our ENTHUSE Partnerships are supporting young people to: 
  • have access to high-quality STEM education 
  • improve their perceptions and knowledge of STEM careers 
  • succeed and take their place as citizens of the future.
By sponsoring a Partnership, you can help us to tackle the barriers to young people’s engagement in STEM and encourage a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline.

What is an ENTHUSE Partnership?

    ENTHUSE Partnerships are a two-year collaboration between STEM Learning, a funder and 6-10 schools or colleges. Each Partnership targets the pupils in the greatest need of our support, working with their teachers and wider influencers to increase attainment and raise aspirations for STEM careers.

    It's all about impact

    ENTHUSE Partnerships improve STEM teaching and teacher retention, tackling the shortage of teachers with STEM knowledge. This increases young people’s interest and attainment in STEM, and evidence suggests pupils receiving free school meals benefit even more than their peers.


    The impact of ENTHUSE Partnerships


    Business benefits

    Involvement in an ENTHUSE Partnership can help your organisation to:

    build a more diverse and inclusive talent pipeline with STEM skills
    increase your local and national profile as an investor in STEM skills
    Provide targeted educational support for pupils in the greatest need

    “Supporting placements gives our employees an opportunity for personal development, to present their skills in a new way and engage with local schools in a really meaningful way. We can show [teachers] the range of environments where STEM subjects are applied – some obvious, others less so. We want to add fuel to their passion for the subject so they can show how their subjects are embedded in the real world.”
    Fiona Neil, Head of Group Communications, Stannah

    Case study: Inspirational teachers creating more young computer scientists than ever

    Two like-minded teachers got together to talk over ways of improving their subject – they embarked on a journey with STEM Learning’s support and the results have been outstanding - students reaching or exceeding the school target rose from 50 to 100%.

    Case study: Vertex and the Vertex Foundation

    Our ENTHUSE Partnerships have numerous tangible benefits for young people, schools and employers – here we look at how STEM Learning’s partnership with Vertex Pharmaceuticals and the Vertex Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation, has hugely benefitted all of these groups since they teamed up with us in June 2018.


    How it works

    Each partnership costs £10,000 per year for 2 years. This financial contribution pays for high-quality teacher training, inspirational student activities, quality assured resources and a focused package of coaching support from STEM Learning. All sponsors receive a termly progress report on their Partnership(s), showcasing the impact of their investment on staff and pupils. 
    Working with STEM Learning, your funding can be used to create an ENTHUSE Partnership in a specific location and used to support your corporate social responsibility objectives, such as widening participation. STEM Learning will consult with you as the sponsor, and identify schools and colleges who will benefit most.
    Where possible, we encourage sponsors to work with their Partnership, providing employees with the opportunity to inspire students and teachers through the STEM Ambassador Programme, and hosting teacher placements. 

    Sponsor an ENTHUSE Partnership 

    We need support from more employers and organisations to help us support teachers and pupils in the areas with the greatest need. Get in touch with our team to find out more and start the conversation.