Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools Unit 1- Structuring Learning

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This study unit offers some practical strategies that teachers use to structure learning. The techniques suggested are tried and tested; they draw on both academic research and the experience of practising teachers.

By working through this guide you can build your teaching repertoire step by step, starting with strategies that are easy to implement and moving on to those that will help pupils develop their skills still further. The unit contains ‘reflections’, to help you reflect on an idea or on your own practice, as well as practical tips and tasks to help you consider advice or try out strategies in your classroom. There are case studies to exemplify particular points, a summary of the research and some suggestions for ‘next steps’ and further reading. The final page invites you to reflect on the material and to set your personal targets for the future.


*Factors affecting lesson design and the design process
*Locating the lesson in context
*Identifying and sharing learning objectives
*Principles for structuring a lesson in episodes 
*Selecting strategies and techniques
* Selecting a teaching model
* Summary of research
 *Next steps 
 *Setting future targets

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