Experiments on Coralline Algae as a Model to Examine the Effects of Climate Change and Environmental Variation

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There are teacher notes and student materials which describe the research into the potential effects of climate change on a Coralline algae species. Curriculum links include biodiversity, sampling techniques, student t test, Simpson’s Index, photosynthesis, climate change, ecology, ecosystems, adaptation, distribution, populations. The research examined the effects of variable environmental conditions on the photosynthetic efficiency, size and distribution of a Coralline algae species in the Red Sea of Egypt. The materials look at the research, how the experimental designs were developed, the results and their significance in relation to determining the effects of climate change events on a key marine species.

Coral reef health is affected by the acidification of the oceans and human disturbance. This is described as another element to consider and discuss with students in terms of accessing the biodiversity of a reef through the use of photo-quadrats.

The resources include a profile of Lydia Bach who carried out this research. This can be used to discuss career options with students and to show that students can be involved in cutting edge research early in their careers.


These resources were Supported and funded by National STEM Learning Centre and Network and Research Councils UK (RCUK)

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