Researching the Use of the i-Book Within the Primary Science Specialist Programme

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Published in late 2013, this report contains the findings of a research study which looked into the use of electronic books (e-books or i-books) within continuous professional development (CPD).

The research looked in particular at the way that teachers on the 2013-14 National STEM Learning Centre and Network Primary Science Specialist course used an i-book resource to complement their CPD.

It discusses the way in which i-books are used in CPD and how the ways in which learners read, are taught, and learn needs to change in order to maximise the benefits of e-books in their studies. It also provides an insight into the impact the i-book had on the science subject knowledge of the teachers, both in terms of reinforcing what they already know, and in extending their learning. Included in the resource is a short guide for successful use of the i-book resources.

This research commissioned by the Wellcome Trust was carried out by the Isos Partnership.

The full collection of STEM Learning impact and evaluation research reports can be viewed here.

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