Forces In Strings

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This series of interactive excel sheets look the forces within strings.

The first sheet shows an adjustable mass hanging on an inextensible string, and demonstrates the fact that the tension is equal to the weight.

The second sheet shows the tension on an inextensible string when a horizontal force is applied to a mass of 0.25kg. The horizontal force and the angle between the string and the vertical plane can both be adjusted.

The third sheet illustrates a mass supported by two inextensible strings. The position of each string can be adjusted and the associated values can then be hidden or revealed.

The fourth sheet looks at a mass held in equilibrium on an inclined plane. The angle of the plane and the mass of the weight can be adjusted and the corresponding normal reaction and tension forces can be shown.

This program was designed by be viewed on a screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. Users may have to adjust the resolution of their screen for the pages to display as was originally intended. The program uses macros which need to be enabled on users’ machine.

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