Power for the World - Secondary Resources

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This hands-on enquiry-based workshop enables students to explore renewable energy solutions in the developing world with a focus on wind turbines. Aimed at secondary students the main activity focuses on wind power and how it specifically can help solve the lack of electricity in rural communities around the world. Students compare the energy consumption of appliances and look at how electricity is produced. They gain an understanding of how renewable energy can provide power in rural communities in developing countries. Focusing on wind power they learn about different designs for turbines and how they convert wind energy into electricity. They then go on to build their own wind turbine blades in the role of engineers working in a specific country using the resources available to them. The resource, provided by Practical Action includes a presentation, Teacher’s notes and a video about renewable energy. It also contains a case study by The Micro Hydro Centre at Nottingham Trent University showing a community project in which Pico Hydro technology was demonstrated in Sub Saharan Africa.

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