Linear Assessment Chapter 1: Planning for Progression

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This chapter from the Linear Assessment ibook focuses on planning for progression in science. The activities allow teachers to:

* Identify progression in learning opportunities
* Assemble a ‘big’ picture of progression through the curriculum
* Plan progression into the Triple Science curriculum
* Plan learning opportunities that build on previous learning

This iBook, produced by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network for the triple science support, has been designed to help teachers to develop their delivery of Triple Science so that students are successful in examinations which involve linear assessment.

Many of the aspects considered in the chapters are also relevant to teachers delivering other terminally assessed GCSE courses.

The iBook is made up of eight chapters. Seven of the chapters provide a range of activities that explore aspects which are important in enabling students to be successful in linear assessments. The final chapter recognises the importance of planning a course of action and subsequently evaluating the impact upon students’ progress. With the exception of the last chapter, all of the chapters are free standing and can be explored in any order.  All eight chapters can be viewed here

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