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This resource consists of the following activities: *A happy crew?: students must decide what attributes are needed for a good mission crew. *Fit for space?: this activity looks at pulse rates. Students must prepare a presentation on how a fitness test could be used to screen applicants to the astronaut programme. *Learning styles: students take a learning styles test and discuss the results. *Presenting yourself: students must produce a presentation about themselves. *Pulse rate variations: this worksheet requires students to answer a set of questions after studying a set of data on pulse rates for different ages and for a smoker. *Pulse rates and exercise: students must plan an investigation to look at how pulse rates change during exercise. *Space medicine: students must investigate the possible effects of microgravity on astronauts. *The application: this activity requires student to put imagine they are 25 years old and applying for a job with the European Space Agency. They must prepare their fictional CV for this. *Who wants to work in space?: students must research the backgrounds of ten astronauts.

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