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This toolkit has been produced to help STEM Ambassadors to plan and deliver practical activities for students. It includes guidance, links to useful websites and resources for teachers to use. The toolkit is for both new and experienced STEM Ambassadors and it answers questions they might have about using practical activities.

Chapter One – Getting started This chapter provides examples of real practical sessions used by STEM Ambassadors, discusses what is meant by practical work and explains where to find ideas.

Chapter Two – How to turn an idea into a real session This chapter looks at how to produce a detailed lesson plan and provides some real examples.

Chapter Three – Getting feedback and sharing experiences These resources provide examples of teacher and student feedback forms which can be used to improve the session.

Chapter Four – Frequently asked questions  This chapter covers key questions about the practicalities of going into a school, including behaviour, health and safety and the curriculum. This resource was produced by STEMNET and funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

Chapter Five - Planning and delivering practical chemical activities. This chapter deals with the questions chemistry specialist STEM Ambassadors may have when thinking about using practical chemistry activities as part of their outreach work. It includes guidance, links to useful websites and resources for you to use.

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