Physics on Earth and Mars

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This resource, devised by Anu Ojha, uses the context of the planet Mars to investigate pressure, magnetic fields and meteorites. There is also a demonstration of how to cook up a comet.

The presentation contains information that relates to both the pressure and TVs and magnets activities.


These videos and teaching resources use the context of atmospheric pressure, both on the Earth, Mars and Venus, to introduce engaging practical demonstrations and activities to teach students about pressure.

The presentation and activity sheets bring in the use of the ideal gas equations and an exponential equation for pressure above the surface of a planet, which allows the topic to be extended into post-16 teaching.

TVs, magnets and Mars

These videos and teaching resources use the Sun, Earth and Mars as a context to explore magnetic fields. There is also a video that shows a Martian meteorite, and explains how we can use this as a thought provoking context in the classroom.

How to build a comet

This video and “comet recipe” describe the main constituents of comets and how it is possible to make one in the lab.



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