Primary School Science Assessment

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This report summarises the discussions from a seminar held at the Nuffield Foundation on 18th September 2012. It was held in response to the publication in July 2012 of a report written by a working group of primary science specialists entitled Developing policy, principles and practice in primary school science assessment.

The report examined the need for a new assessment framework for primary science following the removal of national testing in science at Key Stage Two in 2010 in England (2004 in Wales) and, subsequently, the current revisions of the National Curriculum in England.

The discussion of the report at the seminar centred around three questions addressed to the participants:
• Do you agree with the principles for assessment, and if so to what extent does the proposed framework satisfy them?
• To what extent do you think the proposals will contribute to high quality teaching and learning in primary science?
• What do you consider to be the key challenges to implementing the framework successfully and in what ways can these be addressed?

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