Becoming a STEM Enthusiast

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These activities have been developed for the National HE STEM Programme to be used in conjunction with the video resources found in this collection.

Activities for staff developers contains activities aimed at Higher Education staff developers. The first activity outlines uses of the STEM teaching toolkit whilst the second activity explores teaching STEM through research.

Activities for outreach activities contains activities aimed at widening participation and outreach practitioners. The first activity is designed to engage level tree learners in the STEM subjects. The second activity explores what students should expect from a STEM degree.

Activities for teachers and advisors contains two activities. The aim of the first is for students to gain a greater awareness of university life and STEM degree courses. The second activity explores reasons why students should choose physical sciences.

Activities for staff and students acting as ambassadors is aimed at university staff and students acting as ambassadors for their respective disciplines. The purpose of the first activity is to raise awareness of university research whilst the second activity raises awareness of the knowledge and skills that can be developed through studying a STEM degree.

The STEM enthusiast presentation gives an outline of the aims of the becoming a STEM enthusiast project.

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