Electronics and A. C.

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Electronics and A.C. is one of the titles in the series of ASE Lab Books that were published in the early 1970s for the Association for Science Education. Each title brought together the best of the teaching notes and experimental ideas from members of the association that had appeared in the ASE journal, School Science Review.


Low frequency a.c. sources
*A very low frequency alternator
*Slow a.c.
*A very low frequency a.c. source

A.c. theory demonstrations
*Charge and discharge of a capacitor
*Low frequency a.c. demonstrations

Waveform synthesis
*Standing waves as the resultant of two progressive waves demonstrated on an oscilloscope
*Synthesis of waveforms
*A demonstration of the addition of sine waves by Fourier analysis

Transistor and diode characteristics
*A simple circuit for displaying transistor characteristics on an oscilloscope
*Full-wave bridge rectifier demonstration

Radio demonstrations
*Radio demonstrations in slow motion
*Hertzian waves to make a neon bulb flash
*The Doppler effect

Digital logic circuits
*A simple logic demonstrator board
*A project involving an application of simple logic
*A simple computer as a group project

An analogue computer
*A school analogue computer

Towards CSE electronics
*Towards CSE electronics

lnstruments and components
*A modified watt-hour meter
*A cheap joulemeter
*High impedence voltmeters
*Transparent potting of electronic circuits
*Adding radio components into circuits which use 4-mm plugs
*Cheap stackable 4-mm plug

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