Selenia and the Smelly Lunchtime

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Learn about the properties of gases in this colourful comic aimed at Key Stage Two. Written to promote scientific enquiry, it contains a linked investigation which focuses on how to plan and carry out an investigation when considering which materials are good at stopping leaks.

In this episode, Selenia’s friend Daiki stops a gas leak by using chewing gum but Selenia wonders if any other materials could have been used.

Included are a detailed set of teachers' notes which provide a link from the comic to the investigation and a plan for running the activity. They also contain an explanation of leaks involving solids, liquids and gases, curriculum links, extension opportunities, equipment list, a planning sheet and printable flash cards to help with planning.

The comic, produced by the University of the West of England is part of a collection of science comics which aim to engage children with science and reading.

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