Simplifying Expressions Using the Rules of Logarithms

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To increase confidence and fluency, students need to spend time practising the basic definition and rules of logarithms and be able to apply the rules in more complex expressions. This resource, from Susan Wall, contains four advanced level activities designed to practise the basics and extend understanding of logarithms. There is also a set of open ended questions designed to assess understanding and inform further teaching. There is no need for any additional teaching before each activity – the student can work out the next stage from their existing knowledge.

Logarithms: true or false: pairs of students are presented with twelve statements and have to decide whether each statement is true or false and provide justification.

Logarithms: ordering: students have to place cards in order of value using logarithms that do not have simple rational answers and therefore must be estimated in order to compare values.

Logarithms: odd-one-out: students have to decide which of the three statements is the odd-one-out and then write an expression to match the odd-one-out. The activity contains numerical and algebraic values.

Logarithms: matching up: students have to focus on the laws of logarithms in order to match cards with equivalent values. Not all cards pair up, some have more than one partner and some have no partner at all.

Logarithms: open questions: a series of open-ended, probing questions, designed to assess students' knowledge, identify misconceptions and inform future teaching.

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