Secondary Science Technicians - Practical and Career Issues

This video highlights the importance of technicians' CPD and how technicians can be deployed more effectively to provide good quality practical work for teachers and students.

Continuing professional development is a critical part of providing an effective technical servicea nd quality practical work for students. This video, focuses on two school technicians -  Sue Smith and Julia Raper from Manor School in York. In the video they discuss and reflect with Simon Quinnell and Helen Rose at the National STEM Learning Centre on areas they would like to develop in their roles as Science Technicians.

Sue as a senior wants to focus on demonstrating to students and Julie as a new technician wants to focus on developing her technical skills. In this video we join them at the start of their journey through to some training and then putting this into practice with support from Simon and Helen. Watch the video and think about the CPD priorities for yourself and the technical service, what should the technical service be delivering in terms of practical work


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What is the best flask to use in the ammonia fountain demo?

Simon Quinnell (not verified)


the best flask to use is a round bottom flask about 500ml-1l, please conact CLEAPSS or explore thier website if you need any health and safety advice or further pratical guidence on it.




Great video...will defo try the fountain in the next couple of days.



Excellent video, it is nice to see the science technicians being appreciated for theirntrue worth.  It would be good to see more encouragement of technician demonstrators in schools in the future!