Using frames to support learning

Helen Walker and Karen Ashforth from Birley Community School share their ideas to assist students with special educational needs in their understanding of key ideas through a structured and visual approach.  The department developed an A3 laminated writing frame which would overlay an A4 picture to stimulate discussion and guide writing. A template for the frame is provided in the appendix together with some practical tips.



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I love this idea, can it be used in Primary phase??


This is truly inspired. What an excellent idea - love the coloured overlays and the structure around the outside of the visual.


Fantastic, I teach children who struggle with writing and will be required to do GCSE Science. This is a fantastic way of encouraging them to write more, I will be using this for some revision, especially for the 6-9mark questions that most of them find difficult. Most of the time they have some understanding of question but they do not know how to start answering the question so the picture and the questions broken down into sections will help my pupils.