Nice Ideas in One Place: Volume Two

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The second of two volumes, from SMILE mathematics, of useful and interesting activities covering a wide range of mathematical themes. Teachers describe the ways in which they have used the ideas in the classroom and provide a number of tips and suggestions to help vary the approach taken. Each activity has an information panel containing suggested time allocation, preparation required and materials required.

The average box of Smarties - conduct an experiment to find the average number of each colour sweets in a tube
Class dictionary - activity to find the mathematical definitions of words
Don't tell me, its... - guessing game to find a given mathematical shape
Finding out - using a dictionary to find as many words associated with the word angle
Folding paper bags - activities covering nets, symmetry of logos and paper bags
Heads and height - investigate the ratio of height to the circumference of the head
How many cereal packets? - using probability to introduce randomness
Human graphs - using students to mark coordinates to represent different functions
Just a minute - activities to generate data
Limping seagulls - finding perimeters, surface areas of cuboids and number patterns
Making estimates - developing estimating skills
Maths Trivial Pursuit - generating questions on different topics then used with a Trivial Pursuit board
Maths 20 questions - twenty questions to guess a number
Moving people - a puzzle leading to algebraic generalisation
Newspaper/language surveys - collecting and analyse data from newspapers using the mean, median and range
Pythagoras's poster - introduction to Pythagoras's Theorem
Relations - physically executing different rules and describe what happens
Remainder game- scoring points decided by the remainder generated when two numbers are divided
The answer Is 12, what is the question? - making five questions which have an answer of 12
Windscreen wiper - using geostrips to design a windscreen wiper to cover a given area

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