The Salters' Chemistry Course: Textbook

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The main Salters’ Chemistry Course textbook from the University of York Science Education Group covered all the units included in all three years of the course, including the introductory first year.

Units covered in the textbook
* Metals
* Drinks
* Clothing
* Warmth
* Food
* Transporting chemicals
* Plastics
* Growing food
* Food processing
* Minerals
* Keeping clean
* Buildings
* Making and using electricity
* Burning and bonding
* Fighting disease
* Energy today and tomorrow

Chapter structure
There was one chapter in the textbook for each unit. Each chapter had the same structure with these components:
* ‘Introducing’ pages to set the scene of the topic and raise some questions about what is in it.
* ‘Looking at’ pages providing extra background with illustrated examples of intriguing applications of the chemistry.
* ‘In brief’ sections giving a straightforward summary of what students need to know to understand the topic.
* ‘Thinking about’ pages explaining the key chemical ideas that arise from the topic.
* ‘Things to do’ offering a varied bank of activities for students to try.
* ‘Questions to answer’ to help students when it comes to exams.

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