The Problem-Solving Pack

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This pack of worksheets, produced by the Spode Group, is designed to give students experience in problem solving during the early years of secondary school, and was written in response to publications encouraging the teaching mathematics through problem solving, investigations and discussion.

The pack contains twelve problems based on real problems:
*Maze - tracking routes through a maze
*Maps - the four colour problem
*Networks- using mileage charts
*Stamp books - a number problem
*Cutting - calculating lengths to make a glider
*Codes - the railfence code
*Jobs - listing and ordering events
*Maximum flow - calculating rates of flow through a network
*Darts - calculating scores
*Routes and travelling - shortest route on a network
*Post - reading information from tables

These problems stress the use of mathematics in solving real problems, but the mathematics needed is not sophisticated. It usually involves only the four rules of arithmetic, logical working and planning.

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