Key National Strategy Resources for GCSE Mathematics

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This is a selection of CPD resources including teaching ideas from the Secondary National Strategy, chosen to support planning, teaching and assessment.

The resources cover:

  • Geometrical reasoning including Visualisations, Build-ups, Sample problems and Planning
  • Proportional reasoning including Fractions, Ratio, Scaling and Proportional sets
  • Algebra study units including Multiplying expressions, Transforming equations, Constructing equations, Rearranging equations, Collecting like terms, Pyramids, Algebraic reasoning, Generalising from sequences, Linking sequences, Functions and graphs and Classroom approaches
  • Subject leadership including Stronger management systems, Core Plus materials, Parental involvement and Ofsted documents
  • Planning including Secondary planning handbook, Framework objectives, Programmes of Study and Bridging plans for Key Stage Three to Key Stage Four
  • Pedagogy including Interacting with mathematics at Key Stage Three minipacks, Improving teaching and learning in mathematics, Teaching mental mathematics from level five, Mathematics study modules, Teaching and learning functional mathematics, Misconceptions in mathematics, Using interactive whiteboards and the Ped packs
  • Assessment including APP, AfL, Standards files and Focused assessment materials
  • Intervention including Targeting level four in Year seven, Springboard 7, Year eight Intervention Lessons, Study Plus handbook, Core Plus mathematics, Making Good Progress series, SEN planning guidance and Progression maps
  • Whole School including Leading in Learning, Teaching and learning in secondary schools and Stronger management systems


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