Substances Changing: Reaction in Solution

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These downloadable videos and animations are part of the multimedia package Stuff and Substance, developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP). They can be used to develop the idea of chemical change by showing reactions that takes place between substances in solution.

Many chemical reactions involve solutions and to save time the solutions are often prepared in advance of a student practical. Furthermore, for precipitation reactions, substances remaining in solution are usually not isolated. This makes it difficult for students to get the full picture. One video shows the reaction between lead nitrate and potassium iodide, from making solutions of the reactants through to the separation of the products. Animations represent the changes of substances in terms of atoms and give practice at constructing a word equation. The second video shows the reaction between carbon dioxide and calcium hydroxide solution as another example of a new substance being formed which is insoluble.

These video and animation files form part of the resources in the section Substances Changing in the Stuff and Substance multimedia package, which provides a series of interactive pages that can be used by teachers or students in the classroom.

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