The 'UK by numbers' series focuses on key areas, such as population, energy and health, and provide important and up-to-date statistics about the UK. The documents are taken from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) magazine, Society Now.

This issue gives statistics for the composition of the UK's population and households, average ages and life expectancy, distribution of population and information about immigration and emigration.

This issue looks at statistics concerning energy consumption in the UK, also showing how the efficiency of modern appliances has changed over the decades. Statistics are also given for energy sources, including the growth of renewable energy, and carbon emissions.

This issue gives graphs and statistics showing GP consultations, drug-related admissions, alcohol consumption, cigarettes consumed, cancer survival, life expectancy and teenage conception.

This issue looks at the statistics for school education. It presents figures showing the costs involved for state education and fees for private schools, the gender make-up of students accepted for higher education, percentages of students eligible for free school meals and the numbers gaining good grades at GCSE/NQ Standard Grade. It also gives figures for the numbers of students entering A level mathematics and science examinations (although the date is unspecified).

ESRC is a part of Research Councils UK (RCUK).

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