Demonstrations for the Christmas Dinner Table

In this National Science Learning Network video, Simon Quinnell demonstrates four experiments, with the theme of Christmas, that teachers can do in the school laboratory.

These are:
* Tea bag convection - see how a burning teabag mysteriously rises on convection currents in the air around it.
* The candle demonstration - generate carbon dioxide with an antacid tablet and water before showing how the gas extinguishes a naked flame.
* Magic balloon and water - looking at conduction and convection and showing thermal energy transfer in a fluid.
* Instant snow - properties of a super-absorbant polymer.

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Subject(s)Chemistry, Science, Demonstrations, Practical work
Age11-14, 14-16, 16-19, 7-11
Published2010 to date

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gonna do this soon .. hope it goes well



Thx Melissa some convection and conduction topics coming up soon...will defo be trying a couple of those demos.


Was looking for some ideas for the lab for Christmas and came across this - good stuff.