The Big Bang Lesson *suitable for home teaching*

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The lesson activities and resources for 'The Big Bang Lesson' are provided here for teachers and lecturers to use in their own schools and colleges.

The lesson outline includes links to many of the presentation slides used by Professor Cox in his lesson, and also to clips from Professor Cox's STAR lecture, which was given in June 2010 to students aged 14-16 at the University of Manchester. The video clips are included as reference for teachers, but may also be suitable for use with some students.

There are far more activities than could be incorporated into a standard length lesson, and teachers will no doubt select from and augment these ideas as appropriate for their students.

Objectives for the lesson will thus vary considerably, but might include:

*To understand the evidence scientists have for the Big Bang theory of the start of the Universe
*To be able to explain what scientists call the 'Big Bang' theory
*To appreciate the nature of science as a dynamic and creative process
*To appreciate how scientists work together to solve problems

File sizes
The PowerPoint slides include a number of high resolution images, which produce large file sizes. As a result the slides are presented in chunks, which are referenced in the lesson outline.

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