Nuffield Chemistry Sample Scheme Stages I and II: the Basic Course

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This Nuffield Chemistry book was published in 1966 as a result of the demands for more detailed information from teachers who had taken part in the first trials of the new approach to teaching chemistry in the early 1960s. The authors warn that the Sample Scheme set out in the book probably contains more detail than many teachers require. The authors were very concerned to avoid creating a new orthodoxy and so they presented their teaching programme as a ‘sample scheme’.

To emphasise the flexibility of the resources, the book contains two routes through Stage I.

The stages Stage I (alternatives A and B for students aged 11-13) Ten topics for each of the routes through this two-year scheme followed by a section of sample test questions for Stage I Stage II (for students aged 14-16) Fourteen topics for this three-year scheme followed by a selection of sample questions.

Contents The contents for each stage are divided into topics. Each topic is made up of a short series of lessons set out in three parts:

*A suggested approach

*Practical details for the experiment(s) – with apparatus lists and guidance

*Suggestions for homework.

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