STEM Activities with TI-Nspire

STEM Activities with TI-Nspire is a series of booklets featuring activities that exploit the potential of the TI-Nspire in STEM contexts. All the activities contain some background scientific or other information together with links to appropriate websites. Many of the activities are suitable for a range of ages and aptitudes with more challenging ideas being suggested as extension activities. Further information and TI-Nspire files for the activities can be found at nspiringlearning.

Booklets available 

*Introduction - contains a brief introduction and instructions for getting started using some of the features of TI-Nspire that are used frequently in the other booklets.

*Capturing data - modelling and interpretation - contains activities which use a variety of data logging probes to collect real data and analyse it further.

*Using real world data - contains activities which investigate and analyse data in a variety of ways from ready-made or easily generated data sets in a variety of contexts.

*Mathematics in motion - contains investigations into modelling motion based on different forms of data collection: manual, video and data logging.

*Computer graphics - brings together a number of different mathematical approaches which are used by computer programmers to create and manipulate images; techniques that have now found their way into “virtual reality”. These activities make use of TI-Nspire applications especially graphs and geometry.

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