The magic of...

The magic of…is a collection of four resources, produced by Queen Mary College at the University of London, designed for teachers to use in the classroom with the intention of making learning engaging and entertaining. The four resources are all linked to the relevant curricula and provide inspiration when teaching mathematics, science and computer science. Each resource contains an array of magic tricks, an explanation of the illusion, how to perform the trick an explanation of how the trick works.



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The Magic of Computer Science II

The Magic of Computer Science II begins with an introduction to the resource, explaining the basic concepts used in the book. There follows descriptions of how to perform seven tricks with explanations of how the trick works and the computer science concepts illustrated in the tricks.

The joker in...

Manual of mathematical magic

Many of the most powerful magical effects performed today have a mathematical basis. Mathematics is also the secret behind the technologies people use, the products they buy and the jobs they will have. This book shows how to perform some magic tricks, explains the mathematics behind them and how that same...

Maths Made Magic

This handbook of magical mathematical tricks is intended for use in the classroom to help teach many of the basic concepts in mathematics in an engaging and entertaining way. The tricks have been mapped to topics found in Key Stage Four and are as diverse as Pythagoras' theorem, simultaneous equations, probability...

Clever Conjuring Using Secret Science and Engineering

Science and engineering represent great opportunities for magic. This book contains some amazing and easy-to-do magic tricks based on secret chemistry, physics, engineering and mathematics. The description of each trick explains the effect, how it works and hints and tips for performing the illusion. The illusions...