Year 4: Darwin's Collectors

Aimed at primary learners, this collection of resources encourages children to draw inspiration from the life and work of Charles Darwin to develop their understanding of the natural world.  Children collect, observe and record their findings to document how plants and animals adapted to their surroundings.

Darwin's Collectors is part of The Great Plant Hunt, created by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and commissioned and funded by the Welcome Trust to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.


Darwin's Collectors: Assemblies and Quick Start Resources

This resource, aimed at primary level, can be used for an assembly or as a class introduction to learning about plants, looking at their adaptations to different habitats . An extract about the life of Charles Darwin sets the scene, and a video and postcard from...

Collectors Activity 1: Thinking Walk

In this resource, aimed at primary level, children learn about different habitats and identify plants found in them. On the thinking walk, children explore habitats, thinking about the conditions they provide and how this affects the plants that grow in them. They count...

Collectors Activity 2: Fitting in

This resource, aimed at primary level, links the topic areas of plants and their habitats and adaptations. It provides an activity in which plants previously collected on a nature walk are observed, measured and recorded, then pressed to preserve them. The resource...

Collectors Activity 3: Collecting Specimens

This resource, aimed at primary level, looks at the identification and classification of plants. Working in a similar way to Charles Darwin, children make a herbarium specimen using the pressed plants collected in activity two, they also create and label seed packets...

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