Year 1: Darwin's Lookouts *suitable for home teaching*

This collection of resources encourages children to draw inspiration from the life and work of Charles Darwin to develop their understanding of the natural world. Originally designed for children from the age five to six, they are called Darwin's ‘Lookouts’ as they look out for plants in the local environment and examine them carefully. In these resources they learn about plant parts and spotting similarities and differences between plants. Darwin's Lookouts is part of The Great Plant Hunt, created by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and commissioned and funded by the Welcome Trust to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.


Darwin's Lookouts: Assemblies

This resource pack, aimed at Key Stage One, contains a story, video and several posters which could be used as an introduction to a project on plants in class or assembly.

A story about how the young Charles Darwin’s interest in nature grew as he did, may be used to set the scene and find out more about...

Darwin's Lookouts: Quick Start Resources

This resource pack aimed at younger primary level, provides activities in which children learn how to identify and name some common UK plants, learn to recognise the parts of a plant and to discover the variety within plants. Designed as an introduction to a topic on plants, it could be used in class or assembly to...

Lookouts Activity 1: Thinking Walk *suitable for home teaching*

Aimed at younger primary learners, this resource provides an opportunity to review the parts of a plant, look at the differences between different plants and to find words to describe them. The activity involves children planning a thinking walk, considering how they will respect the plants and other living things...

Lookouts Activity 2: Spot the Plant

In this resource aimed at younger primary learners, children learn how to identify and name common plants. The activities contain a thinking walk where children are challenged to find a selection plants by matching them to The Great Plant Hunt Identikit provided. They record details about where they found the...


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