Food Lab is a collection of simple food-based experiments suitable for Scottish P4-7 (Primary Upper Stages) classes or English Key Stages Two and Three. The activities investigate the chemistry of food, including substances that food contains, mixtures, changes in substances and healthy eating options. Spectacular starch - a hands-on workshop designed to teach students about which foods contain starch and the properties of starch. Spaghetti towers - a hands-on workshop designed to challenge students to build the highest tower possible with limited supplies. A word bank glossary, giving definitions of key terms, is provided as background information below.


Cabbage Chemistry

In this activity, students make an indicator using red cabbage and test the pH of household products. The resource provides some background information on colour pigments and nutritional information about red cabbage. A sample results table is provided with questions for students to answer.

Spectacular Starch

This resource, aimed at primary level, contains an activity which investigates how to detect starch in everyday foods using iodine. Linked to the topic of animals, including humans, it contains teachers' notes on how to run the activity, worksheet with answers and background knowledge.

This resource has been...

Sourcing Sugars

This resource describes how students can investigate the sugars in food and drink. Background information is provided about complex and simple carbohydrates.

In the first activity, students use clinistix to test for glucose. The second worksheet describes the use of Benedict's Reagent to test for reducing...

Sweet Chromatography

In this activity students use chromatography to separate the dyes in sweets. The resource looks at the information on food labels and provides some questions for students to answer about fat, sugar and salt content.

Students then place sweets on filter paper, adding water to dissolve the food colourings....


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