Sun|trek is an educational website about the Sun, our star, and its effect on the Earth's environment. It has been produced by a team of solar research scientists, working with teachers and educators. It is closely linked to the UK school curriculum Sun|trek have produced projects for schools, at Key Stage 4, using real solar data. These Sun|trek projects have been produced by Helen Mason, University of Cambridge, and Miriam Chaplin, Educational Consultant. The remaining Sun|trek resources were produced by Mike Cripps for Key Stage 3 and 4.


Solar Images and Data

This resource contains three activities and accompanying teachers’ notes.

Picking out the details
Using images from the Hinode satellite and the Solar Dynamics Observatory, this activity requires students to use scale and unit conversions to learn more about the size and...

Space Weather Effects

This resource contains two activities and accompanying teachers’ notes.

Effect on a solar telescope
Using images from the SoHO satellite, students make an estimate the speed of charged particles in a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun.

Space weather and...


This resource contains two activities and accompanying teachers’ notes.

Spectra: A tale of two elements
Students must analyse data and review scientific ideas to explain observations made of the spectrum of the Sun.

Spectra: Solar fingerprints...

Earth Sun Moon Distances

Basketball Earth
This resource uses a basketball as the Earth to set up a scale model to the distance to the Moon, satellites and distances such as the thickness of the atmosphere and the height of transatlantic jets. Students must do a card matching exercise to match objects to...


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