Licence to Cook: Module 3

During these Licence to Cook practical sessions, students will: • prepare a range of meals – becoming more confident cooks • learn how to make a range of sauces/bases • demonstrate their safe use of a knife and other small tools and equipment • handle raw meat safely • develop a greater awareness of time planning • prepare a range of fresh ingredients, including peeling and slicing Each session is supported by teacher’s notes which outline aims and objectives, time plans, suggested recipes, equipment and shopping lists. The recipes are presented in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, text only and text with photographs, and supported by a suite of videos demonstrating the preparation skills. For a full overview of the Licence to Cook course, see the Teacher Guidance.


Baker's Haven

This Licence to Cook practical session is about the production of bread based products, with students making either Dinner rolls or Pesto pizza or Finnish fruit plait. There is scope for students to be creative, selecting different types of ingredients that could be combined into the dishes. The writing frames can...

Cooking Session 11: Back to Basics

During this Licence to Cook practical session, students can make either a classic tomato ragu or ratatouille. These recipes demonstrate how a simple tomato based sauce can form the basis of many dishes and meals, as well as providing an opportunity to practice essential knife skills. Students will also use the hob...

Cooking Session 12: Curry to Go!

This Licence to Cook practical session is about making a simple curry dish in one pan. It demonstrates the use of simple pieces of equipment in the preparation of a dish that students could easily prepare at home. During this session, students can make a spinach, potato and chickpea curry, lamb korma or Thai green...

Cooking Session 13: Celebration

This Licence to Cook practical session focuses on using the creaming method to make a simple cake. It provides the opportunity to use a hand-held electric mixer, although students can make this mixture using a wooden spoon. Weighing and measuring are important aspects of this session, as quantities need to be...


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