Licence to Cook: Module 1

During these cooking sessions, from Licence to Cook, students will: • become familiar with the cooking area • learn about or recap the safe use of a knife • use basic kitchen equipment • use the oven safely • prepare a range of fresh ingredients, including peeling and grating • weigh and measure ingredients Each session is supported by teacher’s notes which outline aims and objectives, time plans, suggested recipes, equipment and shopping lists. The recipes are presented in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, text only and text with photographs, and supported by a suite of videos demonstrating the preparation skills. For a full overview of the Licence to Cook course, see the Teacher Guidance.


Cooking Session 1: Getting to Grips

This is the introductory cooking session for the Licence to Cook Course. It allows students to become familiar with the cooking area and provides an opportunity to assess their practical capability.

During the session, students make either a fruit fusion or dippy divers. The recipes do not require the...

Cooking Session 2: Top Toastie

This Licence to Cook practical session allows students to learn how to use the grill safely, as well as handling and preparing a range of ingredients. During the session, students will make either a croque-monsieur or pizza toast.

These recipes help to consolidate the safe use of a knife, as well as...

Cooking session 3: brilliant baking

This Licence to Cook practical session introduces students to the safe use of the oven, as well as consolidating the use of other pieces of equipment. During this session, students make either fruity flapjacks or tropical granola bars. These recipes have been chosen as they use the oven and/or the hob and require...

Cooking Session 4: Soup-er!

This Licence to Cook practical session allows students to build confidence in using the hob. Although the hob may have been used before, this session concentrates on its safe use. In addition, it consolidates knife skills through the preparation of a variety of different vegetables. During this session, students...


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