whynotchemeng: Top Ten Flash Bang Demos

These ten videos from the Institution of Chemical Engineers, have been produced to provide fun and exciting demonstrations that are relevant to the Key Stage Four curriculum. The videos show the demonstration performed in front of a class, and show the reaction of the students to the demo.



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Whoosh bottle

This demonstration from whynotchemeng involves lighting a splint to ignite Propon-2-ol in a 25 litre drinks dispenser bottle. Lighting the vapour makes an impressive whoosh sound and flames shoot out of the bottle.  The bottle could be placed on scales or a force sensor to measure the thrust from the ignition....

Flaming Hand

This video from whynotchemeng shows bubbles of methane being lit whilst floating in the air and also whilst being held in the demonstrator's hands. The video shows the demonstrator covering their hands with washing up liquid to protect against any burns during the demonstration.

Flying Cake Cases

This video from whynotchemeng uses a Van de Graaff generator to cause the repulsion of foil cup cake cases, from the demonstrator’s head. The cases can be placed directly on the dome, if a suitable person is not available. Students could be asked to think about why metallic cases would work better than paper...

Screaming Jelly Babies

This demonstration, from whynotchemeng, involves putting a jelly baby into molten potassium chlorate. The reaction shows the oxidation of the sugar in the jelly baby. Sometimes a high pitched screaming noise can be heard during the reaction. Jelly babies can be used since they have a small enough surface area...


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