Identifying and Inspiring Your Students in Triple Science

From triple science support, the resources in this collection look at how schools identify students at Key Stage Three with the potential for triple science courses at GCSE, as well as how they motivate them to take up these courses and maintain interest through Key Stage Four.

These resources have been included in this collection for teachers’ use, however they may contain some information, particularly relating to Government policy, which is now out of date.


Triple Science Case Study: Student Selection and Valuing Practical Work

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how enabling students to self-select onto the triple science course and providing them with meaningful opportunities for practical work in Key Stage Four, achievement and uptake in sciences at post-16 can increase.

The case...

Triple Science Case Study: Identifying Students Early

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how a school used a combination of identifying potential triple science students as early as Year Eight with student perspectives on the triple science courses and their reasons for choosing it.

The case study includes some...

Triple Science Case Study: Inspiring Through Enhancement and Enrichment

From triple science support, this case study illustrates the steps taken by a school in moving away from a stereotypical view of triple science as being academic and theoretical towards more exciting and engaging provision, and so attract more students to take up these GCSEs. It looks at...

Triple Science Case Study: Cavendish School, Hemel Hempstead

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how adapting the curriculum to suit the needs of particular groups of students, recognising the importance of motivation and study skills when selecting students and planning well for future changes can lead to success in delivering...


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