Raising Attainment in Triple Science

From triple science support, the resources in this collection look at various ways that schools can raise standards of attainment in triple science courses at GCSE.

These resources have been included in this collection for teachers’ use, however they may contain some information, particularly relating to Government policy, which is now out of date.


Triple Science GCSEs: Strategies for Raising Attainment

From triple science support, this publication provides advice for schools exploring the possibility of introducing Triple Science GCSEs. It focuses on strategies for raising attainment generally but within the context of Triple Science.

This resource has been included...

Triple Science Case Study: An Alternative Approach to Homework

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how a school has challenged students who reported finding science uninspiring, irrelevant and “easy but boring”. They used personal learning and thinking skills and a different approach to homework.

The case study includes...

Triple Science Case Study: Pen Y Dre High School, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how a focus on raising attainment in science, including looking specifically at literacy and Numeracy, after school skills and concepts revision clubs and a wide range of STEM enrichment activities, can lead to success in delivering...

Triple Science Support Programme School Case Study: Kettering Science Academy

From triple science support, this case study illustrates how Kettering Science Academy has faced a number of challenges jeopardising the successful expansion of triple science, such as:

* Inadequate literacy skills among the students.

* Insufficient time to teach Triple...


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