Chemistry in Primary Science

This collection of resources, produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, aims to support primary teachers by extending their subject knowledge and providing ideas for practical demonstrations of concepts and activities linked to the curriculum. The resources are:

What’s your reaction? - A book providing background knowledge for teachers who wish to enhance their own subject knowledge on the topics of plants, food, energy and fuels, waste, water, rocks, solids, liquids and gases and materials and their properties.

Practical science demonstrations - A series of videos supporting the teaching of materials and their properties in the primary classroom.

That's Chemistry! - A manual of ideas, activities and investigations about the science of materials and their properties.


Materials Cards for Primary Science

Produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry, these cards are designed to support the teaching of materials and their properties at primary level. The cards contain an assortment of images and scientific words which may be used for a variety of games including: a linking game, 'guess my card' and bingo to reinforce...


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