STEMNET Case studies

STEMNET has produced a range of case studies on STEM enrichment and enhancement activities. These demonstrate to teachers and employers the opportunities available for them to inspire young people in STEM.


A collection of STEMNET case studies which profile activities completed by STEM Ambassadors. The activity case studies accompany a set of career case studies which describe the roles of the STEM Ambassadors who lead the activities. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages working in a range of STEM-related roles...

A set of STEMNET case studies profiling the careers of a selection of STEM Ambassadors. The case studies illustrate the ways different jobs require an understanding of science and also the routes into a range of careers. The case studies cover a wide area of work including:

  • Research Engineer
  • ...

These resources describe case studies looking at how teachers and schools across the country have benefitted from enhancement and enrichment programmes like STEM Ambassadors and STEM Clubs. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages and from all backgrounds working in STEM related roles from apprentices to...

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