A range of materials, designed by BLOODHOUND SSC, to support the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at Key Stage Two. Topics include forces, motion, speed and resistance.


Balloon Powered Car

An interactive activity from BLOODHOUND SCC in which students build their own balloon-powered car and then explore ways to make it go faster and further. Building a balloon-powered rocket car provides opportunities for investigation, team work and developing design skills. As well as focusing on science and...


BLOODHOUND SSC chatterboxes are an innovative resource that will inspire and motivate science teaching and learning in the classroom.

They are an excellent way to raise standards throughout Key Stage Two and impact on students' attainments.

In this fun and interactive activity, students cut and fold...


This BLOODHOUND SSC activity uses Google Earth to investigate the suitability of sites for a land speed record attempt. It is a useful activity for stimulating discussion and developing literacy and numeracy skills. Students try to identify a new site for the BLOODHOUND car to run on, considering specific needs...

Forces (Key Stage Two)

These materials, aimed at Key Stage Two, use the BLOODHOUND world land speed record attempt as a context for teaching about forces - in particular, driving force, friction and air resistance.

Activities include an investigation into the factors which affect the effectiveness of parachutes and a computer...


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